Bleach Changes

Version 2.0 (March 8th, 2017)

Backwards incompatible changes

  • Removed support for Python 2.6. #206

  • Removed support for Python 3.2. #224

  • Bleach no longer supports html5lib < 0.99999999 (8 9s).

    This version is a rewrite to use the new sanitizing API since the old one was dropped in html5lib 0.99999999 (8 9s).

  • bleach.clean and friends were rewritten

    clean was reimplemented as an html5lib filter and happens at a different step in the HTML parsing -> traversing -> serializing process. Because of that, there are some differences in clean’s output as compared with previous versions.

    Amongst other things, this version will add end tags even if the tag in question is to be escaped.

  • bleach.clean and friends attribute callables now take three arguments: tag, attribute name and attribute value. Previously they only took attribute name and attribute value.

    All attribute callables will need to be updated.

  • bleach.linkify was rewritten

    linkify was reimplemented as an html5lib Filter. As such, it no longer accepts a tokenizer argument.

    The callback functions for adjusting link attributes now takes a namespaced attribute.

    Previously you’d do something like this:

    def check_protocol(attrs, is_new):
        if not attrs.get('href', '').startswith('http:', 'https:')):
            return None
        return attrs

    Now it’s more like this:

    def check_protocol(attrs, is_new):
        if not attrs.get((None, u'href'), u'').startswith(('http:', 'https:')):
            #            ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
            return None
        return attrs

    Further, you need to make sure you’re always using unicode values. If you don’t then html5lib will raise an assertion error that the value is not unicode.

    All linkify filters will need to be updated.

  • bleach.linkify and friends had a skip_pre argument–that’s been replaced with a more general skip_tags argument.

    Before, you might do:

    bleach.linkify(some_text, skip_pre=True)

    The equivalent with Bleach 2.0 is:

    bleach.linkify(some_text, skip_tags=['pre'])

    You can skip other tags, too, like style or script or other places where you don’t want linkification happening.

    All uses of linkify that use skip_pre will need to be updated.


  • Supports Python 3.6.
  • Supports html5lib >= 0.99999999 (8 9s).
  • There’s a bleach.sanitizer.Cleaner class that you can instantiate with your favorite clean settings for easy reuse.
  • There’s a bleach.linkifier.Linker class that you can instantiate with your favorite linkify settings for easy reuse.
  • There’s a bleach.linkifier.LinkifyFilter which is an htm5lib filter that you can pass as a filter to bleach.sanitizer.Cleaner allowing you to clean and linkify in one pass.
  • bleach.clean and friends can now take a callable as an attributes arg value.
  • Tons of bug fixes.
  • Cleaned up tests.
  • Documentation fixes.

Version 1.5 (November 4th, 2016)

Backwards incompatible changes

  • clean: The list of ALLOWED_PROTOCOLS now defaults to http, https and mailto.

    Previously it was a long list of protocols something like ed2k, ftp, http, https, irc, mailto, news, gopher, nntp, telnet, webcal, xmpp, callto, feed, urn, aim, rsync, tag, ssh, sftp, rtsp, afs, data. #149


  • clean: Added protocols to arguments list to let you override the list of allowed protocols. Thank you, Andreas Malecki! #149
  • linkify: Fix a bug involving periods at the end of an email address. Thank you, Lorenz Schori! #219
  • linkify: Fix linkification of non-ascii ports. Thank you Alexandre, Macabies! #207
  • linkify: Fix linkify inappropriately removing node tails when dropping nodes. #132
  • Fixed a test that failed periodically. #161
  • Switched from nose to py.test. #204
  • Add test matrix for all supported Python and html5lib versions. #230
  • Limit to html5lib >=0.999,!=0.9999,!=0.99999,<0.99999999 because 0.9999 and 0.99999 are busted.
  • Add support for python test. #97

Version 1.4.3 (May 23rd, 2016)


  • Limit to html5lib >=0.999,<0.99999999 because of impending change to sanitizer api. #195

Version 1.4.2 (September 11, 2015)


  • linkify: Fix hang in linkify with parse_email=True. #124
  • linkify: Fix crash in linkify when removing a link that is a first-child. #136
  • Updated TLDs.
  • linkify: Don’t remove exterior brackets when linkifying. #146

Version 1.4.1 (December 15, 2014)


  • Consistent order of attributes in output.
  • Python 3.4 support.

Version 1.4 (January 12, 2014)


  • linkify: Update linkify to use etree type Treewalker instead of simpletree.
  • Updated html5lib to version >=0.999.
  • Update all code to be compatible with Python 3 and 2 using six.
  • Switch to Apache License.

Version 1.3

  • Used by Python 3-only fork.

Version 1.2.2 (May 18, 2013)

  • Pin html5lib to version 0.95 for now due to major API break.

Version 1.2.1 (February 19, 2013)

  • clean() no longer considers feed: an acceptable protocol due to inconsistencies in browser behavior.

Version 1.2 (January 28, 2013)

  • linkify() has changed considerably. Many keyword arguments have been replaced with a single callbacks list. Please see the documentation for more information.
  • Bleach will no longer consider unacceptable protocols when linkifying.
  • linkify() now takes a tokenizer argument that allows it to skip sanitization.
  • delinkify() is gone.
  • Removed exception handling from _render. clean() and linkify() may now throw.
  • linkify() correctly ignores case for protocols and domain names.
  • linkify() correctly handles markup within an <a> tag.

Version 1.1.5

Version 1.1.4

Version 1.1.3 (July 10, 2012)

  • Fix parsing bare URLs when parse_email=True.

Version 1.1.2 (June 1, 2012)

  • Fix hang in style attribute sanitizer. (#61)
  • Allow ‘/’ in style attribute values.

Version 1.1.1 (February 17, 2012)

  • Fix tokenizer for html5lib 0.9.5.

Version 1.1.0 (October 24, 2011)

  • linkify() now understands port numbers. (#38)
  • Documented character encoding behavior. (#41)
  • Add an optional target argument to linkify().
  • Add delinkify() method. (#45)
  • Support subdomain whitelist for delinkify(). (#47, #48)

Version 1.0.4 (September 2, 2011)

  • Switch to SemVer git tags.
  • Make linkify() smarter about trailing punctuation. (#30)
  • Pass exc_info to logger during rendering issues.
  • Add wildcard key for attributes. (#19)
  • Make linkify() use the HTMLSanitizer tokenizer. (#36)
  • Fix URLs wrapped in parentheses. (#23)
  • Make linkify() UTF-8 safe. (#33)

Version 1.0.3 (June 14, 2011)

  • linkify() works with 3rd level domains. (#24)
  • clean() supports vendor prefixes in style values. (#31, #32)
  • Fix linkify() email escaping.

Version 1.0.2 (June 6, 2011)

  • linkify() supports email addresses.
  • clean() supports callables in attributes filter.

Version 1.0.1 (April 12, 2011)

  • linkify() doesn’t drop trailing slashes. (#21)
  • linkify() won’t linkify ‘’. (#22)